Air Jordan 5 Olympic Gold

These amazingly nice pair of shoes are made by Nike and Michael Jordan called the Air Jordan 5 Retro “Olympic Gold”. Air Jordans are specifically designed by Michael Jordan although it is owned by Phil Knight and Nike is teamed up with them. Together the companies make millions of dollars together off of shoe sales.Continue reading “Air Jordan 5 Olympic Gold”

Champion School Backpack

This is one of my favorite stylish backpacks personally. Although this backpack is pretty small while only having three pockets you must use them all. This backpack goes around for $50. I really like these backpacks other than the space that it gives. I give this backpack a 9/10 for how much I like itContinue reading “Champion School Backpack”

MARKO YouTube Review #3

MARKO is a famous YouTuber with 2.37Million Subscribers as of the day this is being published. He customized things such as shoes, devices, and accessories. He usually does drawings with paint brushes but, has a couple viral videos for customizing with crayons and sharpies. Also, hydro dips things such as PS4, Airpods, and iPhones. MARKOContinue reading “MARKO YouTube Review #3”

Deestroying YouTube Review #2

Deestroying is an American YouTuber who has their topic mostly football related. He was born Donald De La Haye and went to college with a scholarship to the University of Central Florida. He played College Football until the NCAA told him to delete his YouTube channel or demonetize it, in 2017. He decided to keepContinue reading “Deestroying YouTube Review #2”

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