MARKO YouTube Review #3

MARKO is a famous YouTuber with 2.37Million Subscribers as of the day this is being published. He customized things such as shoes, devices, and accessories. He usually does drawings with paint brushes but, has a couple viral videos for customizing with crayons and sharpies. Also, hydro dips things such as PS4, Airpods, and iPhones.

MARKO about to HydroDip his PS4

MARKO has been very successful throughout his YouTube Career. He has made collaborations with FaZe Rug and Tanner Fox, which made a large change in his subscriber count. Marko is still in High School which is why he does not have a lot of information on him because he is still a minor (17). I expect him to pursue YouTube and be a very successful person.

Above is a picture of his “DragonBallZ” custom Yeezy 350s

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