BEST TEAMS IN THE NFL Vol #2 (Week #10)

In my opinion the New Orleans Saints are the best team in the NFL, in a very close race with the New England Patriots and the San Francisco 49ers. I would rank my top 3 teams as Patriots(3), 49ers(2), and Saints(1). The Saints are a very good offensive and defensive team. The 49ers I would consider lucky because of breaks and an easy schedule. Patriots were playing poor teams for a long period of time but looked good against them.

The New Orleans Saints are a very strong team although they already have two losses. They lost their second game of the year to the Los Angeles Rams although they did lose their starting Quarterback to injury whom is Drew Brees. They lost their most recent game to the Atlanta Falcons where they just looked sloppy they scored no touchdowns and they were not having the best defensive game.

A picture of the New Orleans Saints vs Atlanta Falcons

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