Most Underrated NFL Team

Last blog, I wrote about the Most Overrated NFL team which what I believe is the Green Bay Packers. Now, it is time for the Most Underrated NFL team. In this case I believe it is the Buffalo Bills. They have a record of 9-3 as of week 13. Their quarterback has been playing outstandingly well for coming into his second year on the job. They have had close games with not too good of teams but were still able to pull off the win. They are still 2nd out of 4 in their division behind the New England Patriots that have a 10-2 record. This means that the Bills are 1 game behind the New England Patriots whom many people believe is the best team in the NFL. The next time that the Bills play the Patriots before the playoffs they need to pull off a win to raise their chances of making the Playoffs.

Josh Allen (#17) calling an audible or change to the play.

I really like the chances that the bills have of making the playoffs while still being underrated. This is my choice for the “Most Underrated Team in the NFL.”

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