Apple AirPods “Original”

These earbuds should look familiar by now, seeing them in the streets of your city or even at the airport. Apple’s Air Pods have took over the earbud world taking out wires and adding even better features. Such as being able to use “Hey Siri” without having your phone on and holding the home button. Many people have made really cool cases for them also. Such as Supreme, Gucci, Nike, and Louis Vuitton cases that are really nice but, sadly fakes. The only designer company to make a case for Air Pods is Dior. They have their case listed for over $300 US dollars. The Air Pods themselves are now around $144. The price has been decreasing since the release date of December 13, 2016 with a starting price of $159.

Personally, I love these because I have a pair. They are super easy to connect and really convenient. Feel free to buy Air Pods off of Best Buy Best Buy is where I bought mine because they seem to be the cheapest there. Thanks for Reading my Blog!

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