Madden 20 NANO BLITZ

This is a very overpowered blitz that many people run online now. This blitz comes out of the 3-4 formation and is a blitz play called Pinch dog 2 or Pinch Dog 3. When you pick out the play and before the snap you need to spread the d-line. You can do this by pressing the left arrow on the d-pad. Then moving the left joystick up in order to spread the line. Then you need to blitz all of the linebackers by pressing the right arrow on d-pad and moving the right joystick down. Then you have to pinch the linebackers by again pressing the right arrow on d-pad then moving the left joystick down. Then you user one of the safeties and cover short routes when the ball is hiked. This should make the opponent have to throw the ball must faster. Thanks to this play this will always make it hard for the other team to throw the football.

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