Adidas 8.0 Low Football Cleat (Black)

These cleats I ordered for when I play football with my friends and for High School Football next year. I really like these Adidas 8.0 Cleats because of how lightweight the shoe is. The tops of the shoes feel almost like there is not even a single ounce on the top part of the cleat. The bottoms are were the weight is mostly at but this shoe is still very light.

The colorway of the shoe I like other than the bottom color. The white bottoms result in getting dirty very easily on grass fields. The dirt will compact in the patterns underneath the cleat. But, I really think this cleat performs better on turf. The turning feels a lot quicker because of the cleat-turf combination. Overall, I really like these shoes and if you are looking for football cleats I recommend the Adidas 8.0 Football Cleats.

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