NFL Draft 2020 Top 5

Last night the NFL draft occurred, there was no big meet up for the draft for the draftees. Usually there is usually a big crowd for these events, but this year everything was done via online. Now here is the Top 5 Draftees of the 2020 NFL Draft.

Here is a link for the top 50 prospect video by the NFL. Top 50 NFL Draft Prospects

#1 Joe Burrow QB

Joe Burrow is a former LSU Tigers Quarterback. Last night he was drafted at the first overall pick to the Cincinnati Bengals. He is expected to be the best QB in the draft. He was born on December 10, 1996. Many analysts are saying that he has had the best season any college player has ever had.

#2 Chase Young DE

Chase Young is a former Ohio State defensive end. Last night he was drafted 2nd overall pick in the first round to the Washington Redskins. He had a spectacular season last year at Ohio State but did get into some legal issues. People are already comparing him to all time greats at the position. In many eyes he was the best defensive player in this draft.

#3 Jeff Okudah CB

Jeff Okudah is a former college corner back for the school of Ohio State. He has a great build being very speedy and having quick hands. He got drafted 3rd overall to the Detroit Lions. I am very eager to see where the Lions go with this pick.

#4 Andrew Thomas T

Andrew Thomas is an offensive tackle, this position protects the QB. Andrew Thomas attended the college of Georgia and was very successful. He got drafted to the New York Giants. This is a good pick in my eyes because the Giants really needed this position.

#5 Tua Tagovailoa QB

Tua Tagovailoa is a former Alabama QB. Last night he got drafted to the Miami Dolphins. He was a very successful QB in college and I am eager to see where he goes in the NFL. This is a good quality pick for a team that is rebuilding.

Joe Burrow
Chase Young

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