Tennessee Titans Playoff Shockers (p1)

The Tennessee Titans have shocked the world. They barely made the playoffs with owning the #6 seed in the AFC. In the Wild Card round they knocked off the team who made the Super Bowl a tradition for them, the New England Patriots. They beat the Patriots with a score of 20-13. Then they moveContinue reading “Tennessee Titans Playoff Shockers (p1)”

The Controversial Ruling in the NFL (Saints vs Vikings)

This blog will be more focused on the last play of the game. Whether the play should have been called Offensive Pass Interference or not. The call on the field was a touchdown with no penalty flag but, Pass Interference can now be reviewed. This changed from years before because of the Saints Vs. RamsContinue reading “The Controversial Ruling in the NFL (Saints vs Vikings)”

Air Max Plus “Purple Colorway”

These shoes I personally own, and I get mixed opinions on. I either get a lot of I like those or why didn’t you get this color instead. Overall though I really like this shoe. Especially the style and colorway, I like the feeling of the air being underneath you and these shoes are prettyContinue reading “Air Max Plus “Purple Colorway””

Most Underrated NBA Team

In my opinion the Brooklyn Nets are the most Underrated team in the whole entire NBA. They have so far a 13-10 record and are 7th overall in the Eastern Conference as of (12/10/19). They made good trades in the off season to get All-Stars DeAndre Jordan, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving. They now haveContinue reading “Most Underrated NBA Team”

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