Thanksgiving Air Max 98’s

Happy Thanksgiving!! Lets start off this great morning with a nice shoe blog! There have been many reports of this show releasing but very minimal information on the shoe. $160 USD for the retail price as of right now. Sneaker News is the only reports that I have found of this shoe releasing on Thanksgiving.Continue reading “Thanksgiving Air Max 98’s”

Golden State Warriors 2019-2020

The Golden State Warriors play in the NBA and their team plays home games in Oakland, California, USA. They are coming off of a NBA Finals loss against the Toronto Raptors. They have lost one of their star players over the off season, Kevin Durant. The other being DeMarcus Cousins. Also a great bench playersContinue reading “Golden State Warriors 2019-2020”

YoBoyPizza Youtube Review #4

YoBoyPizza is a Madden 20 Youtuber who does multiple series’ and has just over 1 million subscribers on YouTube. He has some series’ such as “Packed Out” and “Playing until I lose.” He is not one of the better players but has some pretty good video ideas. I personally enjoy his channel. I hope heContinue reading “YoBoyPizza Youtube Review #4”

BEST TEAMS IN THE NFL Vol #2 (Week #10)

In my opinion the New Orleans Saints are the best team in the NFL, in a very close race with the New England Patriots and the San Francisco 49ers. I would rank my top 3 teams as Patriots(3), 49ers(2), and Saints(1). The Saints are a very good offensive and defensive team. The 49ers I wouldContinue reading “BEST TEAMS IN THE NFL Vol #2 (Week #10)”

Burberry Vintage Check Sneakers

These shoes are some great designer shoes that can go great with a whole Burberry outfit. These shoes are a bit pricy with a retail price of $590 on Burberry These shoes are amazing and you can find them at a Burberry store or even Macy’s. These shoes had a release date of August 17, 2018. IfContinue reading “Burberry Vintage Check Sneakers”

Tommy Hilfiger “Signature Slides”

This is one of the pairs of slides that I write about that I own myself. Therefore, I am able to give you first-hand experience on how I feel about them. Mine are a rather darker gray or light charcoal in color. They are very comfortable because they shape out the foot really well. IContinue reading “Tommy Hilfiger “Signature Slides””

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