Air Max Plus “Purple Colorway”

These shoes I personally own, and I get mixed opinions on. I either get a lot of I like those or why didn’t you get this color instead. Overall though I really like this shoe. Especially the style and colorway, I like the feeling of the air being underneath you and these shoes are prettyContinue reading “Air Max Plus “Purple Colorway””

Most Underrated NBA Team

In my opinion the Brooklyn Nets are the most Underrated team in the whole entire NBA. They have so far a 13-10 record and are 7th overall in the Eastern Conference as of (12/10/19). They made good trades in the off season to get All-Stars DeAndre Jordan, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving. They now haveContinue reading “Most Underrated NBA Team”

Most Let-down NBA Team

The Golden State Warriors are letting many fans down at this moment. They have a record of 4-19 through 23 of 82 games this season. They are coming off multiple NBA finals appearances, winning some of those series’, and a 73-9 season a couple years ago. This year has definitely been a disappointment for theContinue reading “Most Let-down NBA Team”

Most Underrated NFL Team

Last blog, I wrote about the Most Overrated NFL team which what I believe is the Green Bay Packers. Now, it is time for the Most Underrated NFL team. In this case I believe it is the Buffalo Bills. They have a record of 9-3 as of week 13. Their quarterback has been playing outstandinglyContinue reading “Most Underrated NFL Team”

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