Madden 20 Offensive Play PT.1

This play is a pretty easy play to run and is capable of getting good yardage every play. This play is very hard to cover in madden 20. This play is out of Gun Bunch formation. This play I run out of the Tennessee Titans offensive playbook.

This is the “Deep Corner” play

I like to pass block the blue route the (RB). Then put the WR1 (left side) route on a comeback route. The I leave the yellow flat and the red corner route. Lastly, I put the yellow post route on a streak. With this play you cannot be scared to take the flat route. It will get you an easy couple yards every time it is open. If the defensive player adjusts to stop the flat then the corner should be open because the other team’s safety goes with the streak route. This play is very hard to guard and works very well against all types of defenses. You just have to play conservative and this play can take you all the way down the field.

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